Personalised Coasters and More


Welcome to our website and our first post. We’re a couple of laid back people. Some (actually most) of our friends would call us “personal coasters” – a term coined specifically for us as we coast through life and never take anything personal. Personally, this suits me fine. Whilst I watch others take blood pressure medication and worry about heart attacks and other health issues, we cruise and don’t stress too much about anything.

We intend for our site to contain some really good information. Our posts will include some fantastic information about anything that we fancy. In truth, though, our posts will probably reflect the latest discussions we’ve had at the pub the night before. And there’s nothing wrong with that – real discussions in a real world about real topics. Hopefully we can convert those with some research into meaningful articles/posts.

We’ll look for opportunities and current trends to keep our content relevant. Given that most of our visitors are home owners, we suspect a lot of our information will be around the home improvement space, including property, real estate, mortgages and finance and more.

We’ll try to post regularly, possibly sometimes too much when we’re over eager. If you have any feedback, any at all, please feel free to use the Contact page to send as a note.