Understanding What a Split Air Conditioner Is

What is a Split System Air ConditionersWalking into a cool room is so comforting, isn’t it? You come back from the scorching heat and you immediately run into the room that has the air conditioner. By now, you must have seen that there are three different types of air conditioners – the window AC, the central AC, and the split AC. Today, we are going to talk about split air conditioners.

What is a split air conditioner?

Unlike the window air conditioner, split ACs have two parts – the indoor unit and the outdoor unit. The indoor unit is the one that emits cool air and keeps the room cold enough for you to feel comfortable when you come from the outside. It has the air filters, a long blower, and the cooling coil inside. The other hand, the main functioning of the split AC is performed by the outdoor unit.

This unit is installed on the outside of the room, preferably in an open space so that the hot air can pass freely. The outdoor unit has all the important parts of the AC such as the condenser coil, the compressor, and the expansion coil.

Why buy a split air conditioner?

There are many benefits if using a split air conditioner over the traditional window AC or central AC. One of the most important reasons why a split air conditioner is so popular is that it does not make any noise. Most of the window ACs make a gushing noise when they are switched on. Split air conditioners work in silence. Since the condenser fan and the compressor in a split AC is located on the outdoor unit, it does not make any kind of noise on the inside.

Another reason why split air conditioners are becoming the need of the hour is that you can connect multiple split ACs to one single outdoor unit. So, if you have a spacious room that requires two split ACs but you only have room for one outdoor unit, you can connect the two systems to the outdoor unit and enjoy the same kind of cooling on the inside. This is also helpful if you want to install two split ACs in two different rooms.

Probably the biggest reason why people are going for split AC’s is that it is cost effective. The initial cost may be more than window ACs but over the years, you will notice that the energy charges are not as high as when you used windows ACs. These ACs are energy efficient. The amount of money you will save on the electric bills is far more than what you spend while buying the AC.

Split air conditioners have the ability to cool the room down quicker than any other air conditioners. Depending on the size of the room, if you compare split, window, and central AC, you will find that split air conditioners work much faster than the other two. Plus, there is the option to put the AC in turbo mode which means it will work to its fullest capacity to cool the room.