Epoxy Floors Maintenance Tips Continued

An epoxy floor system is basically one that contains a protective coating. They are the easiest to clean and maintain. There epoxy floor maintenance tips you need to consider. These points include;

1. You Have To Wait Until The Epoxy Floor Is Ready
Epoxy floors can be stepped on 24 hours after installation but they cannot be cleaned with water until it is completely cured and ready. It is therefore recommended that you wait for two to three days before using water or any other cleaning agents to clean your epoxy floors.

2. Consider Sweeping
When cleaning epoxy floors it is best you sweep using a hand broom that has soft bristle brushes. You could also use a vacuum cleaner. You should never use stiff bristle brushes as they are very aggressive and may damage the epoxy floors by scratching them.

3. You Should Neutralize Chemical Spills
In case you happen to get a chemical spill on your epoxy floor, it is advised to neutralize the spill and clean it up as soon as it occurs. If you leave the chemical spill on the epoxy floor for a long time it can cause severe damage because high chemical concentration is harmful to the floor.

4. Regular Cleaning
Everyday cleaning is recommended for epoxy floors. When cleaning you need to mix a small amount of dishwashing liquid with around five liters of water and use that to mop the floor. You should not use cleaning agents that contain too much acids.

5. Hot Water Cleaning
If you decide to use hot water to clean your epoxy floor you should ensure that the water temperature dos not go above 140 degrees as high temperatures are likely to cause damage on the floor.

6. Waxing
You can wax or seal a finished epoxy floor to provide shine to the floor. You should use a thin coat of wax. Old coats of waxes or seals should be removed before applying a new coat as leaving old coats could damage the floor.
7. Consider Having Door Mats
If you have an epoxy floor, you should consider having a welcome mat or rug on your door that can help remove water from shoes especially during the winter season since leaving too much water can damage the floor.

8. Cleaning Resistant Floors
There are some epoxy floors which end up having rough finishes therefore a rough surface requires extensive cleaning to ensure that all the dirt is cleared out, it is therefore recommended that you use a bristle cleaning brush.

These are the various epoxy floors maintenance tips by Epoxy Flooring Sunshine Coast.


6 Simple Steps To Maintaining Your Epoxy Floors

Epoxy is truly a hard wearing flooring material that can last a long time with very minimal maintenance on your part. In fact, high traffic areas such as school buildings and garages often adopt this stylish flooring due to its reliability and cost effectiveness. Having said that, you will still need to perform some basic maintenance to ensure your floors look good!

1. Most epoxy flooring isn’t going to exhibit any hard signs of wear and tear. Spills can happen to anyone, so it’s best to wipe them up right away with a clean paper towel. On a regular basis, if you see that your flooring isn’t too soiled, a soft bristled broom or a dust mop can work well enough to clean your flooring.

2. What happens with stains and caked on dirt? Hot water and ammonia are the best at cleaning tough stains and dirty floors. Use a hard foam mop to ensure that you’re cleaning the entire surface well and evenly coating the floors in the mixture.

3. You should aim towards avoiding abrasive chemicals that you can generally find in your kitchen. For example, Comet may be good for your bathtub, but it can harm your epoxy coated flooring. A kitchen scrubbing pad and hot water are all you really need to remove rust or other seemingly permanent stains.

4. Never use anything soap-based or acidic on your flooring. It can leave a nasty filmy residue that may be hard to remove. In the off chance that you have accidentally done this, a bristled brush and water can help remove the filmy coating.

5. Use welcome mats and area rugs to help keep high traffic regions in good shape. Though epoxy flooring can last a long time, you also need to exercise some caution when rolling things or moving bulky objects across the scene.

6. If your epoxy flooring is in your garage, know that motorcycle kickstands and other sharp objects can permanently mar the surface of your flooring. Try using a mousepad or foam to put under things that may be causing your flooring harm.epoxy_floors_maintenance

Your flooring is one of your greatest investments as a property owner, but it is also the single most commonly misused item anywhere. You need to exercise caution and carefully consider a cleaning plan that can help prevent further damage to your flooring. Remember: no acidic or abrasive cleaners should be used!