Bendigo Roof Restoration Service

Roof Restoration Service

Explaining the Roof Restoration Service

The team at Roof Restoration Bendigo carry out many roofing services and they specialise in the Roof Restoration Service. By far, the most popular service to be carried out is a roof restoration.

One of the reasons that a restoration is so popular is that they can be carried out on most types of roofs and on most types of buildings. A restoration can also be carried out to roofs in various states.

However the major benefit of a restoration is the cost – it is far cheaper to perform a restoration than to replace a roof. And the results can be stunning, in fact in most cases you could be forgiven for thinking you actually have had your roof replaced. A restoration is a lot cheaper than a roof replacement because the main roofing materials are re-used as opposed to fitting the entire roof with new roofing materials.

The Process of a Roof Restoration Service

A roof restoration process, on paper, is quite simple. First a thorough inspection is performed to make sure the roof is serviceable, i.e. it is not beyond economical repair. In some worst case scenarios, a roof may have sustained damages that render it beyond economical repair and the only viable solution is to fit a new roof.

A thorough inspection will also determine the scope of works for the project and help to eliminate any hidden surprises that could occur during the project.

Once the project is underway, the first task is to carry out a high pressure clean. This will remove build up of dirt and debris, lichen and other nasties that have occurred over the years. A high pressure clean will also help to identify loose mortar that needs replacing. The high pressure clean is performed with a commercial grade high pressure cleaner.

After the roof has dried out (maybe a half a day, a day or two days depending on the weather), any repairs required to the roof can be carried out. This will include replacing broken/cracked tiles, rebedding and repointing if necessary. In the case of a metal or colourbond roof, it could also include replacing rusty sheets, rusty screws and ensuring all roofing sheets are secured properly.

The next step is the painting and sealing of the roof. You can take advantage of this step and choose a new colour for your roof if you would like to change the appearance of your home. Current roof paint technologies have come a long way and there are many options to choose from, include heat-reflective paint.

When the roof is painted, this is when you can truly see the magic in a roof restoration service. Your home comes to light and looks so much brighter and posses a new lease on life. You will be envy of your street. Not to mention a roof restoration will more than likely add value to your property – handy if you are looking to sell in the near future.

The final step is a thorough inspection of the work performed and site cleanup. You will be happy to know that the team at Roof Restoration Bendigo will leave your property in the same if not better condition as it was before they arrived. All waste materials and rubbish will be removed.

The inspection will also give you piece of mind that should any faults be found, they will be rectified before the conclusion of the project thus eliminating the need for you to follow up on outstanding work.

As pointed out here, you can see that a roof restoration is certainly worth considering if you are thinking about problems with your roof.

Thank you to the team at Roof Restoration Bendigo for this information on the Roof Restoration Service.